Green Wave with Karleigh Csordas and Josh Woodward

Sign waving is a particularly Green way of campaigning.

It’s a useful way to tell voters our candidate is ready to go to Ottawa to represent Brantford—Brant.

If you don’t know Karleigh, its time you get to know her, because she deserves the opportunity to earn your vote on (or before) election day. And that’s a bit tricky during a pandemic.

Follow @karleighcsordas on Instagram, and find out where you can meet her in person by checking her calendar on the blog. You can join one of our sign waving parties, or take a walk with the walking group. Or you can join her for ‘Koffee with Karleigh’ on Zoom, every Thursday at 8:00pm.

And of course there will be election events like the Chamber of Commerce Fireside chat and the Kiwanis Debate…

Find the info on the website:

Be daring! Join us!

The excellent song ‘Green Wave’ by Josh Woodward is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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