Young future voters

Karleigh Csordas with a woman wearing an orange T-shirt with the words "Every Child Matters" I have to share a story from today at waving. Three girls I’m assuming around 15-16 years old were scootering by and asked what I was doing!
I said this is for politics — I am a party running in the election and the date is June 2nd. You can vote when you turn 18 — are you voting this year?

They quickly replied saying no they’re too young to vote but don’t like politics anyway. I said what do you mean you don’t like it — it affects us all. I’m running for a party and as a candidate I want to make sure you are heard. She asked “are you going to give back our land?” Too young to vote yet already being affected by over government and hopelessness that we have. How is that fair to not act on Truth & Reconciliation as a province when it is being called upon us. How can our future generations continue to have hope when they feel hopeless. We all talked what they wanted to see and I agreed and really let them know that we are in this world together — everyone deserve clean water – they deserve to speak up and I thanked them for using their voice to speak up to the candidate. They girls left saying “Go Karleigh” and they will come find me again one day when I’m Prime Minister 🙌🏼 My point is, actions speak louder than words. If elected, I will act.

I commit to upholding Indigenous rights to self-determination, and to act with real respect for treaty obligations.

How can we change? Well, we need more political will! We need meaningful action toward reconciliation.
The government has a legal and moral obligation to work with Indigenous communities – with full partnership, participation, and respect

The Greens WILL:

  • Implement UNDRIP to ensure equity for Indigenous peoples.
  • Establish true nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous peoples.
  • Recognize First Nations’ right to self-determination and establish a co-management stewardship model for the development of provincial resources with fair revenue sharing.
  • Support Indigenous land defenders in asserting their treaty rights and actions taken to confront threats to their traditional lands.
  • There is SO much work to do our end and there is So much more on the Green Party Platform. Please reach out to chat!!

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