Affordable home ownership

Affordable Housing (a toy house made of small wooden blocks on a grassy lawn)Getting into home ownership is next to impossible for my generation, including here in Brantford-Brant.

And we are facing the increasing cost and impacts of the climate crisis. Student loans. Global economic uncertainty. Add it all up and we are also facing a mental health crisis. Greens see how housing affordability issues and mental health go hand in hand. A green government will chart a path forward to solve the housing crisis in Ontario without paving over precious farmland and green space. We need mixed diverse neighbourhoods, with townhomes, laneway suites coops and yes even tiny homes, all of which will make home ownership more accessible, livable and affordable. We need a GLI (Guaranteed Livable Income), we must dismantle systemic racism. We must start thinking about jobs and teaching mental health, child care and the arts as low carbon jobs. Because they are. We must invest in protecting nature, creating jobs in global green economy, outdoor education and sustainable local food production. This is how we are going to fix the housing affordability crisis and tackle mental health.

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