Livable communities!

Karleigh Csordas and BL standing beside a box of food to be delivered to a community pantry, with a little free library beside them

Karleigh Csordas and BL with a box of food to be delivered to a community pantry

The Green Party is all about livable, affordable & connected communities where we can live, work & play.

BL in a Brantford superhero! She inspires me daily by diverting waste headed towards landfill and feeding so many bellies with her love for our community. I do not have a caption space long enough to share all BL does. Once you meet her you won’t hesitate to sign up to volunteer- shes that awesome! I enjoy connecting on this mission as a volunteer of BL’s!

Bl has a Little Free Pantry she started where you can can give what you can, take what you can process. It is used frequently and ran by many hands! Check out @brantfordperiodpopup too! There are micro pantries of menstrual products for those in need in the little free food pantries plus more locations. It is also a give what you can take what you can. BL’s food pantries have expanded to three locations in Brantford! She also connects for a local food truck that is brought to various neighbourhoods in Brantford-Brant. Just bring your bags and this girl is feeding the community. No one is the judge of your pantry – please, don’t go hungry. Connect on pantry locations and food trucks.

No she can’t run for politics for another few years 😂 but I hope to inspire BL by bringing her with me to meet and canvas with @mikeschreinergpo !! Vote for who you believe in, I just hope to continue to inspire others to get involved in politics and the community 🥰 BL inspires me!

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